Look! Frogland got some Neat-o Awards!

Frogland has gotten an amazing amount of attention... Below are some examples.
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Here's some random media attention that Frogland has received.

Featured In: www.4Kids.org

May-11-1997 and again May-16-1998

Featured on TOPX, TBS webguide
As Seen On TV!
Featured in Best Buy Commercial, 1997
Featured in Net Magazine
(April 1997 -- page 72)
Times Pick
by the Los Angeles Times on 3-Oct-96.
Popular Science
Popular Science Magazine
Dec. 1997 issue
(Frogs in Peril section)
Computer Life
Computer Life Magazine

(July 1996 issue -- page 56!)

PRN Radio Network's
Daily Report
PRN Radio Network's Daily Report Review


Lips LaBelle's Link Of The Day 94 WKTI

"Milwaukee's Favorite Music
Most Fun Radio Station"

KEZN-FM, Palm Desert/Palm Springs

Some have said Frogland is a great place for kids!

Sesame Street Central
Best Of the Web review
by the Children's Television Workshop

iReview (Apple)

Planet Science Hotspots

Site of the Day Jan27, 1998
ENC Digital Dozen
Eisenhower National Clearinghouse (ENC)
Digital Dozen
February 1998

The Learning Kingdom
Nov 20, 1997

Featured in Yahooligans!
Safe Surf
Safe Surf Site

BONUS.COM Kids Supersite
The SuperSite For Kids!™
ACEKids Cool Link For Kids Award

Teleport's Kidspace
Teleport's Kidspace

Digby's Four-Paws Award
Digby's Four-Paws Award
Week of November 10,1996
Safe for Kids
Site of the Week

for the week of Sunday 3-Nov-96
Berit's Best Sites For Children
Featured in:
Berit's Best Sites For Children

Featured in KidWeb
Featured in KidWeb

Online Educator

Featured link of the Week
Zia's Fresh Kids and Education Sites
Zia's Fresh Kids and Education Sites
Pick of the Week: Sept 29 - Oct 6, 1996.

Some just think that Frogland is just plain weird. (well, DUH! I won't argue that one!)

Kudrow quote
Lisa Kudrow, from the TV Show "Friends" thinks I'm CRAZY for creating a Website about Frogs. (click the Thumbnail to see the quote from Entertainment Weekly, October 10th, 1997 issue) The original interview was in June's Yahoo!'s Internet Life Magazine. (See it online)
You can read about or see the Best Buy commercial here.

Strange Link 
Of The Week
Strange Link Of The Week
Week of November 22-29, 1996
Tres Bizarre
Tres Bizarre
Site of the Day

November 1, 1996.
The LooneyBin Hall Of Shame

Still others like Frogland because frogs are the greatest!

"Top Toad" Web Site

Week of April 8th, 1997
Toadnet International

Hip Herp Site of the Week
Hip Herp Site of the Week
for the week of March 24-30, 1996
Cool Pet Site Of the Day
Cool Pet Site of the Day
Best of the Pet WWW
for March 28, 1996
Zookeepers WWW Friend
Zookeepers WWW Friend

And still others have given the site all around "cool place to visit" awards

See Frogland's entry in the BBC Web Guide
(Under Nature, Wildlife)

Informed Site Award

BioMedLink 3 Star Site

Open Directory Cool Site

HMS Beagle WebPick
HMS Beagle

The BioMedNet Magazine WebPick
October 13, 1997
Suite101.com Best of Web Logo
Suite 101 Top 5
Exploratorium Ten Cool Sites
Exploratorium Ten Cool Sites

Month of May, 1997

GTE Internet Solutions
GTE Internet Solutions
Cool Site of the Week

Week of June 27th, 1997
The Microsoft Network (MSN)
The Microsoft Network (MSN) in the UK

Week of July 4th, 1997
Internet Cool Site of the Day
Internet Cool Site of the Day Website
for Channel Cyberia
July 30, 1997

Starting Point Choice
Official I.G.G.L.E. Seal of Holy Merit
Surfin' Pick Of The Day
May 5, 1997

GCI Hot Site of the Week
Week of March 3, 1997
LightSpeed Net
Lightspeed Net Site of the Day
March 3 AND 5, 1997!
Hit The Beach
Wave of the Day

March 30, 1997

Best Of Teleport
101 Best Sites on Teleport
NetGiver Award
NetGiver Award
Medaille d'Or
Medaille d'Or for
Web Site Excellence

The Info Service
The Info Service
Super Site Award
Quiet Revolution 5-Star Award
Quiet Revolution 5-Star Award
Funky Mama Award
Funky Momma Site of the Day
for March 7, 1996.

Cosmic Site of the Nite
AdZe's Cosmic Site Of the Night
for March 13, 1996.
Out Of This World!
Out Of This World
Web Site Award
Hot DevURL
Lil Lucifer's Hot DevURL's

September 25, 1996

Cool Site of the Hour
Cool Site of the Hour

9PM Sept 25, 1996 AND 10AM Dec 6, 1996.
Places to See
A Step Ahead
"Places to See" Award
Sept 25, 1996
RIOT's Hot Spot
riot magazine hot spot

Sept 26, 1996.

WebSurfer's Choice
WebSurfer's Choice
Oct 6-12, 1996.
Surfers Choice
The Tower and Surfers Choice

hot site of the week
Oct 9 - 16, 1996.
Golden Beanie Award
Golden Beanie Award

Cyberspace Webnut
Webnut Seal of Approval
Proud Member of JAUP
Diamond Award
The Diamond Award
for March 1996

Hoppy's Site of the Day
Hoppy's Site of the Day
October 2, 1996.
Really Cheesy Site Award
Really Cheesy Site Award
CyberPie Heavenly Page Award

The Daz Award
Sweet Kylee Award
Sweet Kylee Award
Doggone Good
Winner! Doggone Good Award