Color Me Frog!

Hey Kids! Frogs come in all the colors of the rainbow!
Here's some frog pictures for you to color however you want!

Click on the picture you want to color
This will bring up a larger image which you can print to color.
To do this, choose "print" from your menu bar to print out the picture.
Hit the "Back" Button on your browser to return here.

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Dancing Frog

new swimmer
New Swimmer Froggy

Red-Eyed Tree Frog

Firebellied Toad

berry climber
Berry Climber

tree frog
Tree Frog

Rainy Day Froggy
Rainy Day Froggy

Poison Dart Frogs
Poison Dart Frogs

Lily Frog
Lily Frog

sent in by Tom

bath time froggy
Bath Time Froggy

There are also some fun Froggy Valentines Day Cards
for you to print, color, and cut out to give to your friends
in the Valentine's Day Fun page!

PC users can download a .BMP files to color on your computer here.

You can look at pictures of other cool frogs in the Frog Art Gallery.