Funniest Frog Name

Bumpy Rocketfrog

Bumpy Rocketfrog

Why is this my favorite frog?
Well, I just think this is the funniest name a frog can have.
Say it out loud and see if it doesn't make you giggle!
Bumpy Rocketfrog!

The latin species name for the Bumpy Rocketfrog is Litoria inermis
They get their name from the way they are shaped kind-of like a rocket (with a pointy nose) and of course, this species is pretty bumpy!
The Bumpy Rocketfrog is part of the Treefrog family, found in the Townsville region of Australia.
It has a warty looking back, with a slight head stripe.
The toe discs are very small barely the width of it's fingers.
The Bumpy Rocketfrog is mostly terrestrial (meaning it hangs out mostly on land, not in water)
And it grows to the length or 35 milimeters. (That's only about an inch and a half!)

The treefrog family is differentiated from other frog families by several features.
Treefrogs have little disks or pads on their fingers and toes.
Also, theres a groove between the tips of fingers and the rest of their fingers (which is caused by the way their cartilage grows. Cartiledge is a type of soft bone. It's like what you have in your nose and in your ears!)
Some treefrogs don't have the notch. Those treefrogs have a first finger that is opposed to the remainder. (like a thumb, so they can grab onto branches!)
All treefrogs have webbing between their toes.

This photo of the Bumpy Rocket Frog came from: the Frogs of the Townsville Region website, which is run by the JCU Herpetological Research Group

An astute Frogland visitor, Jacob Sacks, sent me this one and I have to admit, it had us rolling too...

Waxy Monkey Tree Frog
(Phyllomedusa sauvagi)

Not only is the name great...but look at it!

This photo taken from Frogs and Toads of a foreign country website.