Frogland is 10 years old this month!

Birthday Frog!

Ten years ago this month, I learned about this thing called "the worldwide web" and wanted to see what was involved in making a webpage. Altavista and Webcrawler were the big search engines back then, and there were not many websites that even had the word "frog" in them at the time. Most homepages were pages with a picture and a bunch of favorite links, so I decided to make a page for my pet frogs for the fun of it. My boyfriend was a college student (I had just finished) so I had a lot of spare time during his studies.
Since then, Google has become the search engine leader, frogs became the symbol of environmental health, and thousands of frog sites now exist. But that's OK, it's been fun.
Wow! I can't believe it's been a whole decade! I bet this site has been around longer than half my readers!!
You can read more about the history of the start of this site here.