Make your own Pop-Up Froggy Card!

#1 Start with two pieces of colored paper. One will be the outside of the card, and the other will be the frog on the inside. I'm using bright red for the outside, and green for the frog. Put the pieces of paper together and fold them in half to make a card.

#2 Take your "frog" paper and cut a line straight out from a spot along the fold - this will make the frog's mouth!.

#3 Gently fold a triangle back along the center of the card from the slit you cut in the paper.

#4 Do this again for the top half.

#5 Now open up your card. The folds will give you guides along which the pop-out mouth will appear.

#6 This is the tricky part. Using the folds on the paper, you need to bend the paper so that it makes lips that pop OUT from the inside of the card. Now watch, when you close the card, the lips will pop out, but when you open the card, it will flatten out, making the lips appear to move.

#7 Turn your card upside down. Now, draw the shape of the frog around the frog lips. (We're doing this upside down so that any mistakes are underneath and won't show.)

#8 Now, cut along the outside edge of your frog outline.

#9 Flip your frog over and place him on top of the other piece of paper, so that the folds line up. Decorate the frog paper and the backing paper in the place where the message will go, and then glue the froggy onto the backing card. (Make sure not to get any glue on the part with the pop-up lips!)

#10 Ta-dah! Pop-up Froggy Valentines card!

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