Eli the Santa Frog!

This is Eli.
Eli is a South American Rococo toad.
Rococo toads grow larger than almost all other toad species.

Eli was a featured Frog of the Month here at Frogland several years ago, but he's still a favorite and we'll bring him out to share with everyone during this holiday season.

Eli belongs to George, who wrote:

Eli measures approximately 10" from snout to vent, and weighs about 2.5 lbs. I have had him for slightly under a year, and from what the breeder tells me, he's pretty much an adult. He spends his days in a 55 gallon terrarium, looking out our back window at cars, people, dogs and other things he probably plans to eat some day. When not menu planning, he likes to soak in his water dish and look irritated. Eli's "neighbors" include a White's tree frog, a white-lipped tree frog, several Kaloula Pulchras (chubby frogs), a marine toad, a green toad, two horned frogs, a tiger salamander, a baby bullfrog, a tiny turtle and two parakeets.

Though he's normally pretty placid, a hungry Eli (he eats mice, unfortunately) is alarmingly fast. Those who've seen him "hunt" can't believe that such a large toad can move so quickly.

Eli salutes (semi-posthumously) Num and Chum, pioneering toads who dared to become "Frogs" of the Month, and sends his best holiday wishes to you...or perhaps is just planning to eat you.

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