Frog Talk

OK OK...I'm getting lots of mail, and everybody's looking for a place to chit-chat with other froggy fans...
I'm working on that, but in the meantime, here are some of my favorite clubs for you to visit.

For Kids, By Kids:

R Ibit Phrog Come by and meet other froggy fans. This Yahoo! club started out when some great kids decided frogs was a subject worthy of it's own club!

Just a Place to Hang Out:

The Amphibian Lounge Stop by and chat in a relaxed atmosphere club to meet with other folks who share their enthusiasm for amphibians...

Science and Technical Stuff

Herpetology Central Here's another great Yahoo! club. If you have a question about your pet and you want to ask some professional Herpetologists, this is a great club! I often use it as a reference when I have tough questions too.

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