Froggy Themes, Purchase Information

The prices for Traci's pictures are as follows:
Price includes shipping and handling and -prices are in U.S. dollars)

4x6 $8.00
5x7 $12.00
8x10 $23.00
11x14 $28.00
(Great for birthdays or stationary)
1 card= $2.50
Set of 8= $10.00

Traci has a variety of pictures. Some of them are cooking, wedding, angel, halloween, thanksgiving, 4th of July, gardening, bird watching, sleigh ride, birthday, portrait (all white background), etc.
Traci is taking personalized orders, such as having a name in the picture or doing something that she doesn't already have a picture of (the ideas are endless) for an extra $2.00 to each picture ordered.

If you are interested you can e-mail Traci to ask any questions
or send a SASE to:
Traci M. Rakestraw's Originals
100 Schoolhouse Lane
Kennett Square, PA 19348

E-mail address:

She will be able to answer any questions and tell individuals that are interested what pictures she has available and form of payment. She can only accept checks (personal checks will have a 10 day hold to be sure they clear before any order gets shipped)

Tell her you found it at Frogland!

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