A Random Collection of Some of my Frog Stuff

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(Obviously, there's plenty more, but here's what I had with me when I was near a digital camera)

Necklace pendant from my aunt.
[porcelain frog]
Cute porcelain frog from my grandma.
Kermit the frog!

[malachite frog]
A frog made of malachite.
[quartz frog]
Quartz frog.
Sticker on my cup.

Lid of a tin box.
Inside of tin box.
My mug that I got at the frog expo.

A beanbag frog Richard gave me.
Another beanbag frog from Richard.
[glass frog]
A cute glass frog from Dan.

A sticker on my address book.
Another sticker on my address book.
This sticker was on my work badge.

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