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The Bog Frog

Photo by Kathy LaRochelle

From The Virtual Cape Cod First Annual Photo Contest page
Gastrotheca ceratophrys
Horned Frog

From the Animal Diversity Web.
Litoria infrafrenata
White-lipped Treefrog

From the Frogs of the Townsville Region page.

These are pictures of the types of frogs I own.
*Indicate images scanned from a book called Frogs & Toads A Complete Introduction. (T.F.H. Publications, Inc.)
See my suggested reading list.
You can read about them in the Meet My Pets Page.

*Two Views of Firebelly
Another Firebelly Toad

"Bombina Orientalis"
*African Dwarf Frog

These pictures were sent to me by my "Froggy Friend", Martin.
You can read about poison frogs below in the White's Tree Frog page.

resting tree frog

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