Frog Tattoos

Ouch ouch ouch ouch ouch ouch ouch!
That's what this page makes me say....
But, by popular demand, (YOU asked for this folks) here's some frog tattoo pictures.

For some, Frog Love is forever...

Note: The links below go to outside (non Frogland) websites that probably contain pictures of various types of body art...
which means tattoos, piercings, and other body art...
so consider yourself warned...
If you dont want to see that sort of thing, or if you are squeemish, just don't click on those links!

Images are shown full sized unless specified otherwise.

Rob Blank has this tatoo which he designed himself!

This is the back of Scott Davis, who is in the Navy stationed in Yokosuka Japan. He got these done in Sydeny Australia (top right), Darwin Australia (top left),and Guam (bottom right).
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Julie's tatoo
Julie's tatoo.
Julie got this in Oak Creek, WI in a place called Accents In Ink. The artists name is John Cervantes and he does incredible work. He has done both of her tattoos and Julie writes: "if you are ever in the area he is definitely the person to go too."

Cortney writes: "Here's my tattoo, if you want to know where I got it, it was Bob's Brother's Place in Atascadero, CA. I got it after seeing the frog on your page that winks his eye."

Janelle's tatoo
Janelle writes: "Hi. This is a picture of a tatoo I have on my ankle. I got it about 3 years ago at Skin Thrills in Roanoke, VA. I cannot remember the artist's name. I used to have a White's Tree Frog named Iggie, but he died. He is buried in my best friend's back yard right beside her dog. We had a funeral and everything. It was sooo sad because he had been acting funny, not eating, and staying brown (like he was cold), so I took him to an exotic vet in town. She told me he had some type of bacterial infection, and wrote me a prescription for needles. She gave me a vial of the medecine. I had to inject this stuff into his back every day for a week. Well, I gave him 2 shots, and on the third day when I got home from work, he was dead. Ok, well, now you know my frog story, I hope you enjoy the picture."

This is Jenn's tattoo.
It was done on May 12th 1999 by Nava in the Electric Dreams studio. Jenn writes "I was 19 and my dad didn't know i was going to get it done!" Oops!

This gal, Melanie Kaye, is just wild about frogs, and wild about frog tattoos!
She even goes by the nickname Lil' TreeFrog!

This back piece was done by Mike at Smokey Mtn. Tattoos In TN.

This one was done by Matt Williamson at Tattoo Charlie's of Lexington, KY.

This one is on her right ankle. It was done by Matt Williamson at Tattoo Charlie's of Lexington, KY.

Ally's frog tattoo
Ally's frog tattoo.
Ally got this tattoo when she was 18 in Ocala, Fla. at a place called Living Canvas Tattoo
She sais the artist who did it for her was named Stacy.
Ally sais that the tattoo is an original that Stacy drew specially for her.

Tattoo artist: Billy Franklin
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Artist: Allan Lewis (email:
Tattoo from Bards Grove Tattoo Gallery
Bards Grove Tattoo Gallery Webpage

Tattoo artist: Aarron Laidig
From: Aarron Laidig's Tattoo Elegance

Artist: Fireman
Atlantis Tattoo and Piercing
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