About Dorota

So...you wanna read really boring info about me, eh?
OK...you asked for it!
Here I am!
Actually, I'm not a herpetologist, nor am I a biologist, nor do I work in any sort of zoo.

I just really like my frogs and enjoy reading about them, and, I figure, if you're gonna act like a freak about something, you may as well know a little about it.

Most of the information in Frogland is a collection of tid-bits I've either read about in books or was collected information from e-mail letters of Frogland visitors. I never intended the site to become as large or popular as it is, but if it makes people happy, which the hit statistics and fan mail seem to imply, then that's certainly OK with me.

eating a FROG??!! Frogland demonstrates my disturbing fascination with Frogs.
Some years ago (1995), I wanted to try to create a homepage so I could learn what all this HTML craze was about. I didn't really see why anyone would care to read boring stuff about me so I went looking for a topic of interest to me instead. I had just gotten some new pet frogs, and noted that there wasn't a lot of frog information out there (at least at the time there wasnt!), so I decided to "fill a need" by creating Frogland. Suddenly I was getting fan mail from kids and teachers all over the world! Now I maintain it purely for fun.
Consider it my community service.
Well, that and a creative outlet when I need to just do something silly for a change.
(By the way...NO, I didn't really eat the frog!)

P.S. If you're reading this, you must be REALLY bored! For a laugh...visit my Duh Mail section to read some of the strangest/dumbest emails I've gotten from Frogland visitors!!

The family
I graduated from Reed College in May of 1993 and continue to live in the area of Portland, Oregon with my husband Floyd, my son Felix (born on Feb 26, 2002), and my daughter Sonia (born on Dec 9, 2004).

A picture of my kids taken in January, 2005.

We also have a kitty Fanbelt.

My Birthday (why do so many people ask me this?): Sept. 3, 1971.

What I really do: (what is it I do in my not spare time):
When I started this site, I was actually an interaction designer, which means I designed how users interact with products. My job was to make sure that when the engineers are working on products that use new technologies, those products are still intuitive and easy enough to understand that normal people can actually use them.
My most recent job was at Intel, working on look-and-feel and usability for both the hardware and software aspects of various consumer products, including fun stuff like webcams, cameras, and mp3 players.

At the moment, however, I am very, very busy being a full-time mom.