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I'm no expert, but I still get many questions about people's pet frogs. So, since I keep finding myself writing long individual responses, I figure this info may be useful to others if I made it readily available. (And, I wouldn't have to keep writing it!) Here are a few pointers for having happier, healthier frogs.

Unfortunately, the best way to deal with frog illness is to prevent it from happening in the first place. Sadly, the most common frog problems can be avoided with good care, and once an illness occurs, the prognosis is rarely good.
Below you will find three sections:
Prevention, and Some Common Frog Diseases and Their Treatment.

While you may not think of frogs as being particularly clean creatures, most diseases that pet frogs fall prey to are actually caused by their environment. Frogs tend to be very hardy creatures, but once they get sick the prognosis is rarely very good.
Here are a few checkpoints to assure that your frogs have good hygiene.
Some Common Frog Diseases and Their Treatment
While the best medicine is prevention, here are some common problems encountered by frog-pet owners. I want to stress that if your pet frog is afflicted with an illness, the most important thing to do is to Quarantine that/those afflicted frog(s) before the illness gets to the other frogs in your collection. See the Prevention notes for Quarantine.
*I am not a veterinarian. I just read a lot of frog books. If you are really worried about your frog, I strongly suggest you consult a real vet. This is for informational purposes only so please don't just rely on the info presented here because I don't take any responsibility for anything bad that happens to your frogs!
More info:
  • Common Diseases of Xenopus OK, so this webpage is primarily directed written for African Clawed Frogs... but there are many lessons that can be learned here that can apply to other anurans.
  • Kenneth James Haase's Whites Tree Frog Disease Page Kenneth has been collecting quite a lot of info online. Check here for some more descriptions of amphibian diseases.
  • See the Recommended Reading list to find out about some of the good printed material resources I've found on this subject.
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