Massive Frog Collection
Needs a Good Home

Contest is now closed.

Latest news:
We had a surprising number of entries for the contest, over a hundred entries. We have decided to send something to as many people as possible with the top picks getting several items. We will try to be fair to all and to spread parts of this collection around the world.
Memorial Day wekend, we plan to have the collectibles show and sell and at that time the family will pick the top five. I plan to email everyone who entered and thank them for their entries. We were really impressed with the caring nature of these frog lovers and I'm sure Mama is smiling down on all of them.

If you can announce what I've just related to you on your web site, it will be greatly appreciated. Again, winners will be notified and all sould receive something and an email after the Memorial Day weekend.



This is a story about Etah Fields.
(August 31, 1922 - Jan. 26, 2000)

She was born in Marion, South Carolina, and was a resident of Cherw, South Carolina most of her life. She had been a school teacher for some 30 years.
She had a raspy voice from a previous surgery, and afterwards adopted the nickname frog. Even her beach-house was named "frog's pad".
She was also an avid frog collector.
During her life, she had amassed a huge collection of thousands of frogs. Her collection was a wide variety of frogs ranging from t-shirts, to pictures, to collectibles, stuffed animals, books, games, and so on.
(Oddly enough, she was not fond of live frogs.)
Etah recently passed on to that big lily-pad-in-the-sky. She was a frog to the end....wearing her baseball style cap with colorful frog pictures all over it.

The family will be taking some of the most sentimental pieces of her collection, but the truth is, there will be so very many left over that they would like the remaining collection to find a good home.
They are currently looking for a nonprofit frog collector to inherit this fine collection.
They would like the frog collection to go to someone who has the same passions that she had for these lovely creatures.
To this end, the family is running a contest to find the best candidate to "inherit" the collection.

If you would like to participate, please submit a 1-2 page essay about why you should be selected.

The family is particularly interested in the following:

  • Explain your passion for frogs.
  • How did you get started collecting?
  • How many frogs are currently in your collection?
  • Where are your frogs displayed?
  • What do you want to happen to your collection when you pass on?
  • Why do you feel like you would be a good candidate for this very special collection?
  • The family would also like to know some personal info about you such as your age, where you live etc., any funny frog stories, and anything about your life that relates to frogs.

    Contest 'winner' will be responsible for getting the frogs
    (i.e.. shipping and handling costs, pick up etc.)
    If the winner is a child or someone else who is not capable of getting the frogs on their own, the family will try to help with getting the frogs to them . The "pick-up" can be flexible depending on the winner. The family may also find a couple of entries that touch them and therefore may give part of the collection to each. That is only a possibility. Most likely one winner will be chosen.

    Contest Deadline: April 30, 2000

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