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Afrikaans frog/toad: padda
Albanian frog: bretkocë
toad: thithëlopë, zhabë
(an Australian language)
frog: thata
Arabic frog: difdi' or dafda'

toad: difdi' al-jabal
(lit. 'mountain frog')
Azerbaijani frog: qurbaga
Bengali frog: byang
Bulgarian frog: zhaba (ZHA-ba) (same Cyrillic spelling as Russian)
Cambodian frog: gong-gaip
Catalan frog: granota
toad: gripau
Chinese frog: qing wa
Danish frog: frø
toad: tudse
Dutch frog: kikker
toad: pad
Ethiopian frog: enkurarit
Esperanto frog: rano
toad: bufo
Finnish frog: sammakko
toad: rupisammakko
(lit. 'scab-frog')
Fiji Islands frog or toad: boto (kra-PO)
French frog: grenouille
toad: crapaud
(an Australian aboriginal language)
frog: gindjurra
German frog: der Frosch
toad: die Krøte
Greek frog: batrachos (accent on first syllable)
Hausa frog: kwado
Hawiian frog: poloka, lana, mo'o lele lu'elu'e
Hungarian frog: beka
toad: varangy
Indonesian frog: kodok
Italian frog: ranocchio (m. rhymes with Pinocchio!) or ranna (f. cf latin)
Icelandic frog: froskur
toad: karta
Irish frog: loscann
toad: buaf
Japanese tree frog: amagaeru

frog: kaeru or kawazu

singing frog: kajika

bullfrog: tonosamagaeru
Kazak frog: qurbaqa (same Cyrillic spelling as Uzbek)
Kyrgyz frog: baka
Korean frog: Kae-gu-ri

toad: tu-ggo-bi
Latin frog: rana
small frog: ranunculus
toad: bufo
Lao frog: gop
toad: kaan-kak
Lithuanian frog: varlé
toad: rupuzé
Malay (Malaysian) frog: katak
Norwegian frog: frosk (pr. 'frosh')
toad: padde (cf. Dutch and Swedish)
An aboriginal American tribe [and language].

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Persian frog/toad: qúrbághih (gore-baah-gey)
Philipeans I'm told there's more than 100 languages in this country!
In Tagalog (language of Manila, the capital), frog: palaka
In Visayas (a region in Southern Philippines), frog: paka
Polish frog: zaba (where z is pronounced like J in the french name Jaques)
Portuguese frog: rã, rana
toad: sapo
Romanian frog: broasca
Russian frog: lyagushka (lya-GOOSH-ka)

toad: zhaba (ZHA-ba)
Samoan frog: rane
Sanskrit frog: bheka
Scots Gaelic frog: losgann (cf. Irish)
(Northern) Sotho frog/toad: segwagwa, segwegwe
Serbian frog: zaba
Slovene frog: zhaba (zaba)
toad: krastacha (krastaèa)
Spanish frog: rana
toad: sapo
Swahili frog/toad: chura
Swedish frog: groda
toad: padda
Tamil frog: tappaLai
Tatar frog: baka
Tibetan frog: sbal pa

toad: sbal pa rigs shig (literally "a kind or species of frog")
Thai frog: gòp (kab)

toad: kang-kok (khAngak)
Tagalog frog/toad: palakâ
Turkish frog: kurbaga
toad: kara kurbaga
(lit. 'black frog')
[N.B. "g" is silent] (cf. Azerbaijani, Kazak, Kyrgyz, Tatar, Turkmen, Uigher, Uzbek)
Turkmen frog: gurbaga
Uighur frog: paqa
Ukranian frog: zhaba (ZHA-ba) (same Cyrillic spelling as Russian)
Urduf frog: meyñDak
Uzbek frog: qurbaqa
Vietnamese frog: con éch
toad: con cóc
Welsh frog: broga
toad: llyffant
Westerlauwer Frisian
(a Germanic language
spoken in the Netherlands)
frog: kikkert
toad: podde
Yoruba frog: àkèré kònkò
toad: òpòló
Zulu frog: isele, iselesele, ingxangxa, ixoxo, ujunguju (frog spawn)
toad: isele, iselele, igcogcoma, isinana (plantana)

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