Froggy Names!

So you have a pet frog, but what to name it?
Maybe you can get an idea here!
This is a list of names that other kids have named their pet frogs!
These suggestions have been sent in by Frogland visitors (like you)!
Single frog names
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Froggy Names for Pairs or Groups of Frogs

Abidin (Abs for short), Abby, Action, Acro, Acree, ADDEP (stands for Attention Deficit Disorder Episode, he always forgets what he's doing), Agnus, Albert, Al-Gea (Al-Gae), al-dante (as in partially cooked pasta), Amazonia, Ambrosia, Amphibulus, Anya, Angel, Angus, Ape, Ariadne, Assasin(hunts crickets),

Babe, Baloo, BG, The Blues Brothers, Bletch, Bean curd, Beamer, Beaker, Beach Bum, Bernard, Betty Croaker, Bianca, Big Lips, Blinky, Bloato, Benji, Bobo, Bob, Bongboygecko, Bouncer, Boo, Boof, Boogy, Brad, Bubba, Bubbles, Bud, Bud Lite, Buffy, Buffarino (Costa Rican for "big frog"), Bufonia, Bulldog, Bug-eye, Bugweiser, Bullet, Bungie, Bumpy,

C.J., Callisto, Candy, Casper, Caffiene (for hyper or nervous frogs), Castro (Cuban Tree Frog),Carmine, Catoddus, Capone, Chandler, Chica (My sweet one), Chicken Little, Chops, Chubby, Chubber Flubber, Chubbs, Chubella, Chuck, Chunk, Chunko, Chunky Monkey, Chutney, Chug-A-Room, Claude (Clawed), Claude the Claustrophobic Aquatic Dart, Claw, Clawde, Clawdius, Clawdya, Clawed, Cling, Cloie, Copper, Conan, Conno, Cool Frog, Cooley, Cosmo, Cozmo, Cricket, Cricket Juice, Croaker, Crunchy (from the Monty Python Cruncy Frog sketch.), Cups(treefrog), Curmet, Curtians,

Da'Bomb, Dapylil (Lilipad spelled backwards!), Daphne (the greek godess of hunting), Darty, Darwin, Dennis Hopper, Dennis the Menace, Dirty Little Lips (from a Frank Zappa song Frogs with dirty little lips.), Diogenese, DJC (which means Don't Juggle Chainsaws) (hey, you submit em, I just report em.), Doc, Dot, Doctor Gonzo, Drucilla, Dr. Pepper, Ducky, Dumbell, Dumpy,

Echo, Einstien, Edgar Frog Burrows, Eden, Eddk, Evita (for an Argentinian horned frog),

Fargo Phraugh, Fatso, Fatty, Fatter Frog, Fatty Arbuckles, Fearless Freddy, Felix, Fern, Fergie, Fido Plankton, Fiddles, Fillmore, Filbert, Fen-Fen, Ferdinand, Fibi, Fidel or Fidel Castro (Cuban), Figaro, Fire, Flashy, Flabbergaster, Flatter Frog, Flibbit, Flip Flop Hip Hop, Floatie, Flubber, Fly, Flying Monky, Francis (aka - Frannie, or Fat frannie), Freak, Freaky Frog, Fred, Fred Baby, Fred Da Frog, Freddy the Frog, Freddo, Fretta, Frogaincia, Frogen Das, Frogonia, Frogger, Frogmella, Frog Flinstone, Froglegstew, Fritz, Frogzilla, Freckle, Fugie,

Gamakichi, Garfield, Gadzookie, Gherkin, GF Legs (great frog legs), Glossy, Goble, Godzilla, Golem, Goliath, Gomez, Goober, Gooey, Gordo, Gorf (Frog spelled backwards!), Gordito (little fat one), Granite, Grayboy, Greenie, Gregan, Grinner, Grog, Guacamole, Guacky, Gub-Gub (Dr. Doolittle's pig), Guido, Gumball, Gunther, Gus, Gus Gus, Gweda,

Heck, Herbert, Herby, Hercules, Hector, Hippyfrog, The Hobbit, Hopkins, Hopper, Hoppy, Hoppity, Hoppity-Hop, Hopscotch, Hopps-alot, Hopson, Horus, Hot-Toad (for a fire-bellied toad), Hugo-A-Go-Go, Hype,

Ichabod, Iggy, IHOP, Indigo, Ivy the Terrible, Ivan,

Jabba, Jade, Jamaica, Jar Jar, Jarrod, Java Jumping Froggy, Jeremiah (bullfrog), jimmy da toad, Jinky, Joey, JoJo, Jody, Jorg(pronounced yurg), Jumping Jupiter, Junebug,

Karma , Keret(girl frog), Kermi, Kermit, Kerroppi, Kermit Klein, Ketchup (Tomato frog), Kilroy, King, Kirby, Kieko, Klack, Kokomo Joe, Krebbit, Kroppy,

Lady Michigian, Lazypea, Leaper, Leapy, Leaping Lucy, Leaping Frogger, Leafy, Legs, Leo, Leroy, Lilybet, Lily-Pad, Little Bit, Little Guy, Long Legs, Long John Silver, Louie Louie, Lucky, Lumpy, Lyra,

Madalynn, Mancha (means "spot" in Spanish), Man-o-War, Mantis, Marian sarian, Marina (marine toad), Marie (marine toad), Mark McGwire, Max, Maxster, Maxie, Mellow Yellow, Mermi, Merlin, Micki (Michigan J. Frog), Midget, Midnight, Miss Piggy, Mr.Croak, Mr. Frog, Mr. Fribble, Mr. Skinny, Mr. Mouth, Mister MacGregor, Mr. Red Bottom, Moco (Spanish for booger), Mog, Monkey, MonaLisa, Mortisha, Mouse trap, Moe, Moca, Munky, Murdock,

Napoleon, Neon, Nicky, Ninja, Noodles, Norman (... because he sings to the Psycho theme song-croakcroakcroakcroak-when ever he hears it!), Nosey, Nozy,

Obi-Wan, Oliver, Oscar, Orion, Orbit,

Pachuco, Panitaliemom, Patches, Palei ("pay-lay" - after the huwaiian colcano Goddess), Paunch , Peabody, Peanut, Peeps, Pepper, Petree, Pee-Wee,Pekkle, Penelope, Pete, Pepper, Pickle, Pickles, Pink Floyd, Pint, Pixie, Pip (from the family "Pipidae"), Phil (name Kermit uses when he has amnesia in "Muppets Take Manhattan"), Pheleas Frog, Phoebe, Phyto-P (short for phytoplankton), Picasso, Plopp, Pluto, Po, Poe, Pougie (said poe-gy), Pogo, Popper,Pokee, Pokey, Polly's Cracker, Ponder-Frankie-Joanha-Swindell (someone claims to have a frog by this name, honest!), Popcorn, Pool Boy, Predator, Prince, Prince Edward, Prince Soggy Bottom, Puddles, Pudge, Pug Pug, Punkin, Pudgetta,

Quigley, Quiggle, Quibbit,

R2D2, Rainbow, Raisin, Rambo, Raya (means "stripe" in Spanish), Raomer, Racer, Red Fred, Ridlin (like the drug "Ritalin", for an active frog), Ripper, Riva Rana, Rothii (for a Litoria Rothii), Rupert, Rowdy

Salacious Krum, Santoes, Satchmo (a fat frog), Scientist, Schnozzle, Señor Frog, Señor Speedy, Shamrock, Shirly, Shorty, Shoe, Sir Croaks alot, Skippy, Skippydippy, Skittles, Slappy, Slimer, Slimmy, Slinky, Slippy, Slick, Slub (After that little tiny bit of tail that's left), Sluggs, Sluggo, Soupy, Frie, Smeagol, Smerft, Smiles, Smiley, Smittey, Smoart, Smoochy, Smudge, Snow, Snowball, Snowflake, Snoop Froggy Frog, Solstice, Speckles, Speedy, Speedy Ginzales, Splat, Splash, Spot, Spock, Spotty, Springer, Sprite, Sprocket, Sprog, Sproing, Spud (a fat frog), Squiggy, Squirt, Sticky, Stinky, Stomper, Stone Cold, Stoney, Stubby, Stumper, Stupid, Squishy, Strawberry, Sunset, Sun-Dried(Tomato frog), Squee, Squeeky, Squirmy, Swampy, Syxx,

T.F.(The Frog), Tater, tammy tomato (Tomato frog), Tamoto (Tomato frog), Tapioca, Tex(Texas Speckled Toad), Tiggle, Tiny Tim, Thor, Tibbir(Ribbit spelled backwards!), Tommy, Tommy Boy, Tommy the toad, Thomasina Toad (when we found out Tommy was a girl), Tooth, Tricky, Trixie, Tubby, Tuesday, Tuffy, Twiggy, Twister, Twizzler,

Uma, Una,

Velcro, Venus,

Walkabout, Watermelon, Webby, Wet Willy, Wembley, Wikkit, Wiggles, Wilma, Winky, Wierdo, Wiggle, Willy, Whopper,

Xarcus, Xena, Xena-warrior frog, Xorcon,

Yanni, Yedra (spanish for fire), Yggorf (froggy spelled backwards!), Yippee-Skippy, Yoshi,

Zace, Zeus, Zelda, Zenon, Zippity, Zippy the Pinhead, Zoe Plankton, Zookey, Zorro, Zucchini,

"The Frog Formerly Known as Prince"

Froggy Names for Pairs or Groups of Frogs

Miscellaneous Groupings | Names from Real People/Characters | Names from Fictional Characters

Miscellaneous Groupings

Pleiades and Orion (after the constellations)
Caster and Polex (from the gemini constellation)
Pimple, Zitz, Rash, Wart (toads)
Angus and Agnus
Checkers and Speck
Speckles and Spot
Ann and Phibian
Polly and Wog
Tad and Pole
Van and Halen
inky binky and bonky
Lapsong & Souchang
Tigger and Piglet
Bud and Bud Lite
Bud, Weis, and Er
Smoochie and Smoochette
Apple and Banana
Peaches and Cream
Peanut butter & Jelly
Trog and Froad
Icky and Sticky
Smiley & Grinner
Cow and Chicken
Ping and Pong
Shadow and Shade
Gin and Tonic
Mai Tai
Shiner and Bock
Sneeze and Cough
Hide & Seek
Flotsam and Jetsam
Bodger and Badger
Shark and Shriek
Jump N Jack
Hoppy, Jumpy, Skippy, & Loopy
Hip and Hop
Kermie & Squirmie
Dumb & Dumber
Costa and Rica
Frick and Frack
Jumpy and Bumpy
Squishy and Squashy
Bud and Mud
Froggy and Boggy
Hump and Bump
Sparkle and Glitz
Mob and Bob
Stinker and Dinker
Double Trouble
Salt and Peppa
  • Piggy and Wiggy
    Stars and Stripes
    Fuzzy and Wuzzy (not sure what kind of fuzzy frogs there are!)
    Slappy and Slimmy

    Names inspired by Real People/Characters

    Milton, Blake, Emerson
    Gussupi Verdi (like the composer. It means Joe Green in Italian. "Gussupi" for short.)
    Bonnie and Clyde
    Henson (after the late, great Jim Henson)
    Lois and Clark
    Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle
    Snap, Crackle, and Pop
    Click and Clack (After Tom & Ray Magliozzi)
    Felix and Oscar
    Gilligan, etc.
    Mr. White (from Resevoir Dogs movie)
    Mike, John, Trey & Page (Phish)

    Names from Fictional Characters

    Amous and Andy
    Cheech and Chong
    Sampson & Delilah
    Ernie and Bert
    Wicket and Teebo (Ewoks from Star Wars)
    Lenny and Squiggy
    Jake & Elwood
    Fred and Wilma
    Mork and Mindy
    Dharma and Greg
    Larry, Moe, and Shemp
    Phil & Lil (from the Rugrats)
    Tarzan & Jane
    Frasier and Niles
    Lavern and Shirley
    Elmo and Oscar
    Jack and Jill
    Wart and Gwen (after King Arthur and Queen Guenever in "The Once and Future King")
    Humpty and Dumpty
    Tweedledee and Tweedledum
    Kermit and Miss Piggy
    Stan and Olly (Laurel and Hardy)
    Hewey, Dewey, and Louie
    Sneazy, Sleepy, Dopey, Happy, Doc, etc etc... and variations thereof. (dwarf frogs)
    Godzilla and Gadzookie
    Ren and Stimpy
    Thelma and Louise
    Benny and Joon
    Harold and Maude
    Mulder and Scully
    Misty, Brock and Ash (Pokemon characters)
    R2-D2 and 3CPO
    Romeo and Juliet
    Mike and Ike
    Linus, Lucy, and Charlie Brown
    Cheech and Chong
    HAL and Dave
    Yakko,Wacko, and Dot
    Boston, Maggie, and Ludger (from the LucasArts game "The Dig")
    Sifyl, Olly, and Chester (three sock puppet characters on the MTV show "Sifl and Olly")
    Obi-Wan, Anakin, Padme (From the Star Wars Prequel)
    Six UltraFrog brothers (someone out there is a big fan!): UltraFrog, Zofrog, FrogSeven, UltraFrog Jack,UltraFrog Ace, UltraFrog Taro "with sincere apologies to Tsuburaya Prod."

    Do YOU have a Pet Frog? Does it have a good name not listed here? Mail me!

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