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Frog Photography Books
Text by David Badger
Photographs by John Netherton

Hallelujah! I've found a great coffee table book about frogs! By this I mean one of those books that has lots of really beautiful photos of frogs as well as some info about them that goes beyond just how to feed them bugs (Like the great articles you run across in National Geographics once every few years.)
To my knowledge this is the best available book in print.
You can even buy sets of postcards of the photos found in this book..which I always had lining my drab gray cube walls at work.

(There is also one book called "Frogs of the Rainforest" which goes for about 80 bucks but every bookstore that has tried to order it for me says they can't get a hold of it...and I would rather know what I'm buying anyway before I shell out that much if anyone has seen this book, or any other beautiful frog photography books, please write me and tell me about it.)
The book I mentioned above, however, I definitely recommend for the frog enthusiast! It has amazing photos and is definitely one I like to look at a lot!

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