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Books about Frogs for Kids

Eyewitness Books
A Dorling Kindersley Book

"Totally-amazingly-rad book!" I hadn't realized that I should not be searching the nature and animal sections of bookstores, but rather the Children's sections, where I found ALL of the general frog info books listed here! What a gold-mine! This book has a plethora of fun frog facts and I found it really worth the money!
It's a Frog's Life!
by Densey Clyne
A Little Ark Book

Great photos and a really great intro to frogs for the beginner.
Creatures of the Land and Water by Edward J. Maruska

Another good basic intro to frogs and amphibians for the beginner.
Extremely Weird Frogs
by Sarah Lovett

Another good basic intro for the beginner of some rather unusual species of frogs.
Eyewitness Juniors
Amazing Frogs and Toads
A Dorling Kindersley Book

Basically full of the same info as the eyewitness book mentioned above, but less photography and more drawings. Still, it's a smaller book and still a great resource!
Frogs and Toads
by Steve Parker
A Sierra Club Book for children

Great artwork and descriptions. Lots of weird frog fact info here for all ages!

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