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Frog Music
The Calls of Frogs and Toads

Lang Elliott

This book and CD combo gives an excellent introduction to the sounds of frog species living in eastern and central North America. Anyone interested in frogs who spends a lot of time outdoors listening for them would appreciate this one - you'll be able to not only tell which frog you're hearing but what they are saying too! It starts out with all the species calls, and then theres a whole section on the CD with narrated explanations and examples of various types of calls, like advertisement calls (HEY, Baby!), aggressive calls, release calls, rain calls, distress calls, warning calls, mixed species choruses and so on.
Back when I got a copy, the CD didn't come with a full book like it does now - which appears to have some added information and pictures... just to make it that much more interesting.

Note: If you are on the west coast like me, this book will be lacking a bunch of species that are common here. So this is best used as a reference guide for those in the middle and eastern parts of the country.

Frog Heaven

Nature's Song

This is one of my favorites. It's just a steady recording of various frog calls: makes you feel like you're in a lush forest, (even if you live in the middle of the city, like me) It's great background noise and nice to fall asleep to!
This is still one of my all-time favorite nature-recording CDs, of any genre, and not just because of the froggies!
Sounds of North American Frogs

Smithsonian Folkways

The folks out at Smithsonian Folkways have a CD released with some frog sounds on it. This is a delightful recording, digitally remastered and narrated by herpetologist Charles M. Bogert, which is great as a teaching tool for the many many different kinds of sounds that frogs make! Great way to learn how to frog hunting with your ears!
Frog Pond
Recordings and Sounds of Frogs CD
Natures Music

Three recordings on this album: Frogs and Stream, Frogs in Summer, and Frogs and Rain. It's an hour or so of audio recordings of ambient frog pond sounds.
Echoes of Nature
Frog Chorus
Echoes Of Nature (Laserlight Series)

A bunch of frog recordings taken from various places in the field. One complaint I have heard about this one is that it sounds like it's a bit uneven - so if you're looking for purely atmospheric it might not fit the bill, and yet there's not accompanying narration so it's not instructional either. However, it's definitely got some variety of frog calls here.
A Froggy Christmas


This one falls under "really strange": a CD collection of Christmas songs, sung by REAL frogs!
There are some samples you can listen to at both the amazon weblink on the left, and at the record label's website, here:
A Froggy Christmas
The Frogs of Summer


Another one of these frog sung music collections, this one is a summer song theme.
There are some samples you can listen to at both the amazon weblink on the left, and at the record label's website, here:
The Frogs of Summer

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