Recommended Reading

Pet Care
Breeding and Keeping Frogs and Toads
(Completely Illustrated with Color Photos Showing Breeding and Keeping)
by W.P. Mara

This one is probably my favorite general pet care book. It's full of really great pictures and has glossy pages (presumably because your handling wet frogs?) and has some very clear basic descriptions of frog care. Probably the most exhaustive section on Frog Illness that I've been able to find yet. This one ends up being the book I refer to most. I can't remember how much it cost me...but it was worth it, as it seems the most comprehensive for the basic pet-care needs.
Care and Breeding of Popular Tree Frogs
(Green Tree Frogs, White's Tree frogs. White-lipped Tree Frogs, Red-eyed Tree Frogs)
Philippe de Vosjoli, Robert Mailloux, and Drew Ready

I got this one at a Reptile and Amphibian looks like a "must-have" for anyone planning on owning any tree frogs. The descriptions of care are very clear, and it even deals with diseases and disorders that your frog may encounter.
Frogs & Toads As A New Pet
A Complete Introduction.
by John Coborn

Good basic introduction for the beginner frog owner. This has most of what you need to know, including some good photos, a section on setting up housing, some basic health care...that sort of thing.
The Proper Care of Amphibians
by John Coborn

Another slightly heftier book, which also has some info on salamanders and newts. Thick pocket book with lots-o-info and pictures.
Keeping and Breeding Amphibians
by Chris Mattison

Bigger sized more general info, this deals more with different species of frogs rather than health guides. The illness section is only about two pages, but it offers a lot in the way of good information on each species of frog. It also deals with both frogs and other amphibians such as salamanders and newts.
Frogs & Toads
A Complete Introduction.
by Jay Pyrom

Thin, but for the beginner its a pretty good resource for basic pet care. Has a lot of photos too and I've seen it in several bookstores..

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