Save Our Frogs!

Our wonderful froggy friends are disappearing!

All is not well on the environmental front!
About 5 years ago, the environment was one of the more important issues in the media. Everywhere you turned: TV, the radio, the papers- the dissapearance of rain forests in the Amazon and Brazil were one of the hottest topics around. The public attention actually helped, for a while - the rate at which acres of forest were dissapearing slowed. But soon, interest in the media cooled off and now we hardly ever hear about this problem anymore. The worst part of it is, after the media craze died down, the problem has gotten EVEN WORSE than it was before, tropical forests disappearing at approximately one per cent every year!
An Amazon Study Released on January 26, 1998 shows that Brazilís Amazon rain forest continues to be ravaged at an alarming rate, according to a National Space Research Institute study. Satellite images showed some 22,600 square miles of rain forest were slashed, burned and cleared between 1995 and 1997!
At the same time, new studies have shown that Americaís National Parks a increasingly showing effects of Global Warming. If we don't start taking action, the consequences could be devastating!
Meanwhile, things are looking grim on the political front as well. In Rio, the second Earth Summit was held to evaluate the progress on where the world stands from promises made at the last summit 5 years ago in 1992. The International community pretty much failed on ALL counts...leaving many with a feeling that the whole thing was pretty much a waste of time.

Because they are so sensitive to environmental changes, Frogs represent to humans a sort of ecological "Canary in a Coalmine." The rapid dissapearance of many species of frogs is a sure sign that something is going very very wrong on our planet.

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Every day new species of frogs dissapear from our planet forever. Meet some of the interesting fellows whose plight has been noted.

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oWhat YOU Can Do

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