December, 2004

Baby tadpole Sonia made her way into this world on Thursday December 9th.

She joins her older brother "froglet" Felix.

We're all doing well, though things have gotten a bit chaotic around here. I probably will not be making too many updates and likely will be falling behind on mail for a while now that my workload and schedule has gotten so busy.

Here's a more recent picture of the kiddos.
Until I have a lot of spare time again, I hope you enjoy the many fun things this website already has to offer.

This is a gentle reminder to folks that because I am going to be really busy in the near future, I am asking that if you have questions that require immediate response (despite the fact that I have warnings all over the place that I am by no means an expert) to please, take your frog to a vet if you think it's looking sick or please make sure you read the website first before asking me to look it up for you!

Submissions of information, pet frog names, images and so on, are absolutely welcomed and I will be archiving anything I can't get to right away to add to the site when my time is less constrained.
Thank you everyone for your patience, and enjoy what is here!

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Older news:

November, 2004
Well, I guess I didn't even realize I hadn't gotten around to updating this particular "Why I'm Really Busy" page!
About 3 years ago, I suddenly had to stop working on my frog site for a while when my son was born. Things eventually got less chaotic and I was able to return to working on this site, though there was a lot of cleanup to do with almost 2 years of letting the site stay as-it-was. I am still working on cleaning out old dead links, and probably will start enforcing a policy of not really adding new links given how many of the websites folks had asked me to link to either died or were transformed into something significantly different than what was originally there.
It's now November, and my son is doing great and keeping me very busy, but I still find time to pop in and do some updates. New features like Froggy News and so on are continually being updated whenever I get the chance.
June, 2004
After a 2 year break from having any time at all to work on the site, I've finally taken on the tremendous task of trying to fix the bunches of broken links and update the broken bits to bring the site up to date. There's a TON of cool stuff planned for the future, but I *really* need to focus on the not-so-fun task of cleanup first, so to make my life easier, I am asking folks not to send me the 100s of questions, requests, suggestions, and so on that I usually get every day until I can get things under control around here.
But Fear Not! I will be back, and there's going to be some cool changes like regular news bulletin features that I plan to add here... so do come back soon to check things out.
Until then, please enjoy the enormous amounts of frog stuff I've already got posted up here at Frogland!

March 7, 2002
me and Felix

If you are wondering where I've been or why I haven't been making as many updates as usual..
Here is what's taken up most of my time:

Baby Felix was born on February 26, 2002.

He was a little bit early (he was due April 2) because I got very very sick and the doctors had to do an emergency operation to save me and the baby. Because he's so small, he is requiring quite a bit of extra work so I simply am not going to have time to update Frogland for a little while as we try to figure out how to get a routine going to accomodate our little Froggy.

Note: this also means that I am much more than a little bit behind on email, so most likely I will NOT have time to go through all of it right now, nor do I know when I will be able to catch up with all the backlog of messages that came in while we were in the hospital!!

more photos

Wishing you all well and hope you enjoy what's here for now...