Submit Your Animated GIFs for FrogTV

Images get displayed randomly for approximately 15 seconds a piece in the frogTV monitor.

To Submit:
Images MUST BE:

  • NO MORE THAN 50K in size
  • WIDTH = 136 Pixels   and   HEIGHT = 91 Pixels
  • Images should be GOOD, FUN, and FROG RELATED
  • Images must be YOUR OWN WORK! Please don't send me stuff you found on the web that I might run into problems with posting!

  • Remember, this is a kid safe site.
    Anything unsuitable or which, if posted, would have parents yelling at me simply won't be used.
  • Send Image (GIF) files to me as an URL or attachment (the mail form will give you an option to attach your image)
        click here to send me email.

    Note: all images sent to Frogland become the property of Frogland. Meaning by sending in the image, you are giving me permission to reprint the pictures in my site!

    Sorry: I'm not a good tech-support contact.
    Please don't email me asking "How to" make animations... I won't have time to tell you.
    But, here's a good reference that will hopefully be of use: How to make your own Animations

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