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Slippy and Tigger

This months featured frogs are these Argus Tree Frogs named Slippy (the brown one) and Tigger (the green one). These frogs belong to Lizzie Garrott from San Jose, CA. Lizzy has had Slippy since last August, and Tigger was a birthday present that she got on May 21st.

Lizzy writes:
Slippy got her name from the first day I got her, she kept slippingout of my hands. Tigger got her name from her beautiful stripes on her arms and legs. Tigger loves to hop everywhere and Slippy loves to walk. When I first introduced Tigger to Slippy they liked to sit on each others heads. Iím not sure how frogs get to know each other, but that sure is a weird way of doing it.

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