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Jeremiah the BullFrog

Jeremiah the Bullfrog

Kathy sent me this photo of Jeremiah the bullfrog. Jeremiah started life with Kathy as a tadpole in her watergarden. He has a pal named Kermit, and was recently joined by 4 more tadpoles, 2 of which are already turning to frogs, and 2 of which are still in the process of "morphing". They all enjoy sitting on rocks around the watergarden or sitting on the lilypads and watching Kathy, almost, she sais, as much as she enjoys watching them! Kathy also has 4 green tree frogs, 2 golden bullfrogs, 2 tomato frogs, and a red-eyed tree frog! Sometimes at night, she sais, her livingroom becomes so load with all the chirping of frogs and crickets that it's like having the wilderness right there in her own living room!

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