Frog Of The Month

This Month's Featured Frog(s) are:

Lister and his pal Pokee

Argentinan Ornate Horned Toad
(Pac Man Frog)
African Bullfrog
(Pixie Frog)

Lister is a male Argentinan Ornate Horned Toad (also known as a Pac Man Frog).
Lister is full grown- almost three and a half years old and is about three inches across. His favorite food, according to Robin who ownes this little guy, is lightly frosted dingo kidneys and litle baby mice. Robin sais he looks "kinda mad in his picture because he got his tank cleaned out that day and he doesn't like his harmony disrupted (unless it means a big steaming bowl of lightly frosted dingo kidneys)."
Most horned toads are green with a little bit of black, red, yellow, brown and orange mixed in, but Lister is a "neato" color of orange with brown/black splotches on his back, and with yellow and green lines running every which way.

Listers best friend, Pokee, is an African Bullfrog (also called a Pixie Frog). He is a few years old also, a teenager in Pixie Froggie years.
Robin claims he prefers to munch on people fingers, and is about five inches across. (Yipes!)
Pokee is a "nifty" color of green with darker/lighter splotches every once and a while, and there's some white bumpy looking lines on his back.

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You can read more about keeping these types of frogs as pets in the Species Care Sheets Page.

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