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Nebuchadnezza is a Bufo Marinus (Cane Toad, Marine Toad). He belongs to Damian Fernandez.

Damian writes:

I have had the Nebuchadezza for two months, it got it from a herp dealer who got it shipped in from surinam where they live at high altitude and grow larger than any other cane toads elsewhere.
Nebuchadnezza measures 27.5 cms form snout to vent.
That's 0.5cms under 11 inches, weighs just over 2.3 kgs.
She eats small dead mice (its illegal to feed live rodents here in the U.K) Locusts, Brown and Black Crickets, Earthworms, Waxworms, Snails, Giant Mealworms and Catfood. I let her have the run of the house, and as she has got used to having the run of the house, she hates being kept in her tank and frequently escapes to go to her favourite place (the living room) where she sits on the table and gazes out of the window watching people pass by.
Also I couldn't find a water bowl big enough to hold her, so I bought a large cat litter tray which she soaks in when she feels like. It is useless for her to hide anywhere as she is too large to hide under most things.
When people first see her they say some bad words in amazement as they can't believe the size of her.
But although she is large, I have heard of bigger cane toads around (although I haven't seen them) all of them also are from suriman described as being 13-15 inches from snout to vent.
About her name Nebuchadnezza, I named her after the ship in the film the matrix, it means protector of man/protector of the king in ancient Egyptian or aramic. They still aren't too sure on the translation.
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