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Wedding frog

Ok, so it's not a "real" frog this time, but hey, I'm only gonna do this once!!
Floyd and I finally got married in June (1998), and since he's always been a monkey fan (as a baby he used to chat with a monkey statue by his chair -click here to see a photo) and you ALL know how I feel about frogs, we thought it would be fun, and appropriate, to use these as themes in the wedding.

Below is the drawing I drew that appeared on the invitations.


And the cake had a froggy and monkey modeled out of marzepan (a sweet almond paste) as a cake top too!

cake top

The cake itself was a masterpiece of a wedding present from our friend Ryan.
It was a pistachio-apricot spice cake with white chocolate mouse layering and layered with marzepan cut into doily designs. The daisies, to match the flowers of the wedding party, were made of mexican paste.


cutting the cake

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