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To listen,
you can point your favorite
Internet Radio Player directly to:

Step 1:

  • Copy the URL above.

  • Step 2:
  • Winamp: Right Click and Select "Play » Location"
  • Real Player: From the File Menu, select Open Location"

  • Step 3:
  • Paste in the URL from above into the dialog.
  • OR
    Click Here to Go To the Listening Center
    This will launch a new window at Live365 which will allow you to tune in.
    Once you're all setup and listening, you can continue to browse Frogland by returning to this window.
    Note: I've noticed they seem to be having problems working with Netscape on Windows...they say they are working on the problem.

    Frog Radio: All Frogs, All the Time

    To listen you'll need an MP3 player that supports internet streaming,
    like WinAmp, Sonique, RealPlayer, or K-Jofol.

    For more information and dowload instructions, visit the Radio Listening Help Center

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