I Only Have Eyes For You!

Frogs have variable kinds of eye types. The colored part of the eye is called the iris (EYE-riss). They can be brown, green, silver, red, bronze, and even gold.
The pupils come in all kinds of shapes too!

[Round Pupil] (2) Round pupils: Some frogs have round pupils just like you and me. Newts and Salamanders also have round pupils.

[Vertical pupil] (2) Vertical pupils: Vertical pupils that look like a cats eye are really good for night vision and respond quickly to changes in light.

[Horizontal-Shaped pupil] (3) Horizontal-Shaped pupils: These are the more common pupil, good for normal day-vision.

[Heart-Shaped pupil] (4) Heart-Shaped pupils: I'm not sure if it serves any purpose, but it sure looks neat! Oriental fire-bellied Toads have this type of pupil.

Some frogs have Triangular pupils, and some even have Star-Shaped pupils!

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