It's Raining Frogs!

froggy with umbrella Throughout history, there have been tales of raining frogs. These stories, as crazy as they may seem, are actually real events! From Biblical tales of Egyptian storms to British towns suddenly finding themselves covered with frogs falling from the sky, such events are caused when a wind storm passes over a pond or lake teaming with frogs, picking them up and dumping them elsewhere!

One recent story, from the Press Democrat news services, was in June of 1997.

"CULIACAN, Mexico- It rained toads in the town of Villa Angel Flores.
A small tornado whirled up a cluster of toads from a local body of water Saturday night and dropped them all the town in the Pacific coast state of Sineloa, the newspaper El Debate reported Tuesday.
Motorists reported the amphibians dropping from the sky around 11 p.m."
But these stories are not uncommon - there was a story as recently as June of 2005 when a Belgrade paper reported a similar incident in Serbia.
Thousands of tiny frogs rained on a town in north-western Serbia, Belgrade daily Blic reported on Tuesday.
Strong winds brought storm clouds over Odzaci, 120km north-west of Belgrade, on Sunday afternoon, but instead of rain, down came the tiny amphibians, witnesses said.
"I saw countless frogs fall from the sky," said Odzaci resident Aleksandar Ciric.
The frogs, different from those usually seen in the area, survived the fall and hopped around in search of water.
Belgrade climatologist Slavisa Ignjatovic described the phenomenon as "not very unusual".
"A wind resembling a tornado can suck in anything light enough from the surface or shallow water. Usually it's just dust, but sometimes also larger objects," Ignjatovic told Blic. - Sapa-DPA

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