Strange Breeding

Darwin's Frog

Darwin's Frog Another strange frog is the Darwin's frog (Rhinoderma darwinii).
This is a small (1 in./3 cm. in length) frog, species of the (small) family Rhinodermatidae. It got it's name after the fact that Charles Darwin discovered it on his world voyage.
This frog lives in the cool forest streams of South America, mostly in Argentina and Chile.
This frog also has odd brooding habits. The female lays about 30 eggs and then the male guards them for about 2 weeks. Then the male picks up all the survivors and carry around the developing young in their vocal pouch. The tadpoles develope in their baggy chin skin, feeding off their egg yolk. When they are tiny froglets (about half an inch) they hop out and swim away!

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