Interactive Froggy Fun and Games

  • What Kind of Frog Are You?
      Feeling Froggish? Take this personality quiz to find out what kind of frog YOU are!
  • New!  FROG MAZE!
      Print out this maze!

    Interactive Stuff that uses Java

    Get FLASH Player Interactive Stuff that uses MACROMEDIA'S FLASH Technology
    Get SHOCKWAVE Player Interactive Stuff that uses MACROMEDIA'S SHOCKWAVE Technology
    Fun stuff on other websites!
    • Frogmania! - click on the frogs to make them eat dragonflies!
    Fun Stuff to Download to your Computer
    • Froggy Toys For Your Computer Go here to find all sorts of fun silly stuff to download for your computer.
    • Frog Songs If you're looking for frog sounds, look for WAV files on this page in the Weird Frog Facts section!

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