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My Froggy Windows Icons

Check out these Froggy Icons for your desktop!

froggy icons
All kinds of froggy icons all in one place!
You will recognize many of the icons above from silly doodles I've posted all over Frogland, which can also be found in the Frog Art Gallery under My latest Frog Doodles.
Others were collected from anonymous archives around the net. Still others I created using some of the great images sent in from other visitors in the Frog Art Gallery that could be transformed easily into icon format.

All are in an Icon Library (frogland.dll) which allows you to choose one of the many images all from the same place!
Change your recycle bin to be a croaking frog when its full! Change your Internet Browser icon to be a froggy on a globe! Make your documents folder a reading froggy!!

Download Now! (52KB zipped file)

Visitors Icons

Some Frogland visitors have been sending in some of their own icon creations....
This little guy was drawn by and sent in by self-proclaimed "frog-o-maniac" Cyrena Friesen.
These icons were sent in by Trevor Watson.
(Hey! Trevor's a pretty busy guy! New ones added 1/4/2000!)
Moogie made these funny froggy icons.

Download the zip file containing all the VISITORS icons shown above here!

When unzipped, you'll get a bunch of ".ico" files which are individual icon files. You can change your icons for items such as shortcuts on your desktop by following the same instructions as above, except that you pick the individual icon file that you want. (Also, there's a readme file in there with the instructions too!)

Other Places to Get Icons

  • Download some great Poison Dart Frog Icons from The Pond Awaits... page!

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