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..and what better mascot to choose than a frog!

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From Reign Of Frogs band.
(a studio-only modern rock band)

Reign of Frogs logo

Logo design by Kathleen Gatliffe.
This was the starting mascot frog for this band. it doesnt appear to be on their website anymore...

Ryan Mott sent me this one: It's his school mascot!
Pratt High School, in Pratt, Kansas.

Home of the "Fighting Frogs," or "Pratt Greenbacks."

The town of Windham, Connecticut has a frog in their town seal!

Banknotes from Windham in the 1850s also had frog pictures on them.
This apparently comes from a tale of "The famous legend of Windham's Battle of the frogs which took place in the 1700s"
In the 1750s the local inhabitants were awoken in the middle of the night by frightful noises coming from a nearby pond.
This was the time of the French and Indian wars and they thought they were about to be attacked. Three prominent local residents went to the site of the noise and found nothing.
In the morning it was discovered that the noise came from a small pond and was made from thousands of frogs that died possibly fighting for the small amount of water in the drying pond. The town became the butt of jokes.
There are several stories about the now famous "Battle of the Frogs" The frog is the town seal, a play was written about it, and it is in the early town history books. In the 1850s the Windham bank had a vignette of a frog standing over another dead frog. Even the High School newspaper is called the Croakings.
Around the 1930s, a plaque was placed on a rock near the original pond where this "battle" took place. It is a very small pond but still exists and is called Frog pond.
TCU Horned Frog
Texas Christian University's Western Athletic Conference Sports team are called the "Horned Frogs."

Weird Fact: Horned Frogs are actually Lizards!

Special thanks to Chuck Straub for the history notes on the Windham town seal!

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