The Toad that's not a Frog

Desert Horned Lizard
(aka, the Horny Toad)

Desert Horned Lizard Here's a Toad thats not really a toad at all! The Phrynosoma, or Horned Lizards, have also been referred to as Horned Toads, Horny Toads, and even Horned Frogs. This is not because it is related to frogs, but rather because it has a face which looks a lot like that of a toad, and because it has a short and wide body.
Horned Lizards protect themselves in a variety of ways. Their body is spikey and flat, so when started they usually will flatten out and sit really still so as to hopefully not be seen. If this doesnt work, they have also been known to inflate their body and hiss a lot, and in extreme cases, they can even squirt blood from their eyeballs to attack predators! In the 100th Anniversary Edition of Ripley's Believe It or Not!, Reptiles Lizards and Prehistoric Beasts, published in 1994, it states that Horned Lizards can squirt blood from their eye as far as 5 feet!
***BLEACHHH!!!*** Now, THAT sure sounds YUCKY!

(Photo courtesy of ARCO Western Energy and the Coles Levee, Bakersfield, California)

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