Albino Frogs

Albino frogs are a fairly common occurance with frogs...
It seems to happen with many different species of frogs and should not be taken to mean that your frog is sick.
Albinism is a condition caused by a recessive gene which causes a person or animal to be born lacking normal pigmentation.
What you end up with is usually a pinkish or whitish or GHOSTLY looking frog, with really weird-looking red eyes. The eyes appear red because the blood vessels of the retina show through the iris, giving it a pink or reddish color.
The eyes of albino animals (and people!) tend to be highly sensitive to light.
For the most part though, folks with albino pets dont have anything to worry about.
These funky colorings can look either really cool or really freaky, depending on the species. It can also make it pretty tricky to identify the species of frog.

Here is a photo of an African Clawed frog.
This great photo that appeared in's news story "Love Duet in the Pond" (Feb 16, 1998) about love calls of African Clawed frogs.
full-grown Albino Clawed frog
This photo is of a two-year-old Albino variety of the African Clawed frog
Photo sent in by Scott & Vicky Edwards.

Here is a photo of a Pac-Man Frog.
This is a picture of pictures of "Sugar", courtesy of Deborah Dana and her family, originally seen on Mike's Herpetocultural Home Page (no longer exists).

Here is the albino version of the same species, the Pac-Man frog.
(Photo from the Best Buy Commercial from 1997, featuring this website!)
Green Frog
Photo of a normal colored "Green Frog".
This picture courtesy of now defunct website: Animal Diversity Web.
albino green frog
Here is how the green frog looks when it's an albino. Note the yellowish coloring!
Photo courtesy of Nova Scotia Frogs

Other examples of albino frogs.

This weird looking guy was found in a garden pond in the UK.
Species: unknown.
Photo courtesy of John Rowles.

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