Green Frog

Rana clamitans

A medium sized frog with a simple greenish coloring. It has a very pronounced tympanum (the circle behind the eye.)
This frog needs a warm body of water and some plants. It also requires humidity, and a small amount of moisture. (Spraying the tank often can accomplish this especially if it is warm like a greenhouse.)
Read more information on this subject in the Housing Your Pet Frog section.
This is a very hardy creature and is good for beginners.
(see the Frog Doctor for details on illness prevention.)
It eats insects, spiders, other tadpoles etc. (See my page on Dealing with Crickets for more info.)
Its a very calm frog. Generally it prefers to stay near water, though it sometimes can be found in damp woodland areas near decaying trees etc.
Miscellaneous Facts:
Green Frogs can be found in much of the eastern half of the United States

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