Vietnamese Tree Frog

???scientific name???

This frog's color changes from light brown to dark brown. When the frog is in a darker stage, it has light brown and tan speckles. The color markings of females range from white to darker brown w/stripes, depending on lighting. It has lage toe-pads, and a hump in its back. Males also have variable color markings, but not as variable as that of the female.
A half and half or tall terrarium is recommended. They enjoy climbing up the glass and sleeping like that. For the water part of the tank, about 2 inches of water works well. You can add some decorations to the tank, like a miniature waterfall, frog moss on protruding rocks and pothos plants, as well as various driftwood.
Read more information on this subject in the Housing Your Pet Frog section.
(see the Frog Doctor for details on illness prevention.)
lots of crickets, and other bugs. See my page on Dealing with Crickets for more info.
This frogs call is very weird. It actually makes two different calls. The first one, and the most commonly heard call sounds like a low-pitched clack. The second, is a crackleing noise, its pitch is a little higher and louder than the first.
Information on the longevity of frogs is available in the Weird Frog Facts section.

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