Frog Enemies!

Frogs have to watch out for all kinds of enemies in the wild. There are a wide variety of frog predators. Animals that eat frogs for snacks include snakes, lizards, birds, and various small animals like hedgehogs. Even under water frogs cant be safe from hungry sharp toothed fish, swimming mammals like water shrews, and even diving birds! As if that wasn't bad enough, frogs even have to watch out for other hungry frogs!

Because there are so many bad guys to watch out for, frogs and toads have come up with a large variety of forms of protection.

The largest enemy that frogs have isn't something as easily adapted to: Pollution!
Frogs are becoming particularly important as factors in measuring the health of the global environment and in tracking how much ultra-violet light gets into our atmosphere. For some years now, it has been noted that worldwide frog populations have been in the decline. Many species are on the verge of extrinction, while others are thriving well. Only recently has this frog population change been linked to not only a decrease in upper atmospheric ozone layer, but also an increase in low-atmosphere ozone due to pollution.

Here's a FACT: Frogs in the environment are a true sign of a well balanced ecosystem!
You can make a difference! Visit Frogland's Save Our Frogs! page to read about our endangered froggy friends.

Here are some links for more info on declining frog population issues:

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