Advertising a Warning!

Pretty = Deadly!

Many frogs are so poisonous that they can afford to flaunt their colors!
[Red Frog] The frog on the left is a Red poison arrow frog (Found in It is very bright because most animals know that eating a colored frog like this would be deadly!

Some frogs and toads rely on a combination of camouflage and poisons.
[firebellied toad] For example, the Oriental Firebellied Toads, like the one on the left, are well camouflaged when seen from above by having black and greenish spots all over their backs. They look just like the types of mosses frequently found in the streams where they are usually found. But when startled on land, they often will raise the head, exposing their bright orange bellies! When the toads are "freaked out" they secrete a poisonous film that can make you sick. The color on their tummies signifies poison!
(Photo of Firebellied Toad courtesy of Creatures Great and Small ent. : Amphibians Page (site now gone).)
(You can see more pictures of Firebellied Toads (my own even!) and read more about them in the Meet My Pets Page).

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