Frog Colors

Same But Different

[Brown Ornate treefrog] [Green Ornate treefrog] Some frogs are so variable that it's hard to tell what species they are! The frog on the left and the frog on the right are both really the same species! They are called Ornate treefrogs, or Leptopelis flavomaculatus and come in many different colors and shapes.
(Photos by R.C. Drewes, California Academy of Sciences. Used with permission.)

A Frog of a Different Color

Some frogs can adjust their color according to changes in light, moisture, temperature, or even mood!
Whites Tree Frogs (like the one on the right sent to me by my Froggy friend, Martin) are usually light green colored. When they move out of a sunny spot into a damp, shady spot, however, they sometimes change to a light brown color.
One type of frog survives in the desert by changing colors from brown to bright white during the bright, sunny hours of the day. The white would reflect the sun so that it can keep from getting dried up in the heat!

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