Hide and Seek

Many frogs rely on the art of camouflage to avoid getting spotted by predators.
Some blend with their backgrounds, while others even change colors to match the backgrounds!
[Painted Chubby Frog]

Can you spot the "Painted Chubby Frog" in the photo on the left? Hint: it looks just like the bark it likes to hang out on!
(Photo courtesy of Creatures Great and Small ent. : Amphibians Page (site now gone).)

[Hylid Frog]

Can you spot the Hylid frog (Phrynohyas venulosa) on the tree on the right? This frog is often called the Grey Tree Frog.

(Photo of courtesy of El Eden from the El Eden Ecological Reserve)

The picture below courtesy of Ken Felsman. There's a little green bird voiced tree frog (Hyla avivoca) hiding in it.
Can YOU can find it!?

Need a hint? OK, click here to see the answer!

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