Stupid Frog Jokes:

Warning: Some jokes may be harmful to froggies.... *

Frog Funnies: one liners FELIX THE FLYING FROG

Traffic Light Time

Library antics frog princess

A real groaner Frog Science

Wide Mouthed Frog Green Thing

A Psychic's Tale Top Ten Reasons to be a Frog

Smart Frog Doctors Office

Bad Excuse Car?

Bar Tricks Croak!

Frog Prince The trouble with frogs

Chemistry Frog Joke Top Ten Signs YOU are a Frog

Robinson Crusoe The Frog and The Princess

High Anxiety, BY DAVE BARRY (A really funny story about levitating frogs)
Week of Sunday, June 8, 1997 in The Miami Herald

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From: Fred Frog
Email: f.frog@frog.forg.borg.brog
Found Via: Net Search
Froggy Message: I find these jokes an assult to my frog pet. I will call your net Service Provider so you will be locked off.
Thank you,
Me and my beloved frog Ted
Tue Apr 23 07:35:38 1996
******Well, don't say I didn't warn you!!*******
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