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I have been getting a lot of questions about the images that appear in this site, so here's a page to set the record straight.

This page describes all images not specially marked with credit to another source (which includes notes such as "picture courtesy of..." and "picture sent to me by...".) For general notes about all images found here, please see the Notes about copyrights.

First of all, this funny looking guy on the left is an image that I swiped from Sandra Loosemore's The FROGGY Page, a page that went online sometime in August, 1994, and was around far before there were any other frog pages in existence on the WWW! I snagged and altered it to make a few variations that appear within these pages, such as the frogline that appears all over my site, such as at the base of Frogland's main page.
If you haven't seen Sandra's page already, you should definitely check it out- it's one of my favorites!

Another image that appears is a drawing I made of my favorite character from a European cartoon/comic I often read as a child. The books were called
Petzi and were about a bear, (Petzi), a pelican, a seal, and a penguin and their adventures on a boat called the Mary. They had a couple characters that rarely ever spoke, one was a turtle named Caroline, another was a parakeet, and another was a tiny froggy in red polkadot pants named Rainette.
I've only found one Petzi Website, but unfortunately it's in German (I think) and I can't understand a word of it! Luckily, I've been able to get some of it translated through Alta Vista Translation Services. (wow the web is so cool!!!)
Anyways, for some reason I really loved this one character who only showed up in a few of the comic books, and now this picture has become a sort of "mascot" for Frogland!

The backgrounds that you see in some pages such as the white frogs on this page, as well as the pinkish ones on the main frogland page, and on the What's New Page , the frog crossing in the entrance page, and the red-green frogs in the Frog Of The Month page I drew using Paint Shop Pro and Paintbrush.
I made the strange looking blue frog background on the Weird Frog Facts page using Adobe Photoshop. I can't even remember how I managed to make those effects now!

My Frog Art/Doodle Page
I also used combinations of Paint Shop Pro, Paintbrush, Fractal Painter and Adobe Photoshop for all froggy pictures appearing in the Doodle Art gallery.
(Pondswim, Astral Frog, and Watercolors were create from altering the photo of my pet dwarf frog)

Other Frog Art
I should mention that I used (and altered) a frog image found in the Froggy Pages Color Clip Art Page for the Frog Art Gallery entrance page (and menu link button) (made by altering the frog with a cherry in it's mouth image found on Usenet to being a frog with a rose in it's mouth)
In all other cases, frog pictures that aren't mine has been credited to their sources whenever possible.

All Frog photos
For all frog photos in the Frog Photo Gallery and in the Weird Frog Facts pages, credit has been given to sources whenever possible.
If you plan on using any of those images, check with the sources first. In some cases, permission is necessary (and it's always a good idea to ask first.) I have provided links or email addresses for all those sources where web pages are available.

Pictures of Me
And finally...the photographs of me on the main page and the "Who is this weirdo?" page were taken with the Proshare camera...altered (only slightly) using Paint Shop Pro, Adobe PhotoShop, and camera controls that appear in Proshare.
My images are available for NON-PROFIT use,
but if you choose to do use them on your own web page, please be nice and include a link back to Frogland somewhere in your web pages.
If it's a frog page, let me know and I'll add a link to you too!

Copyright © 1995-2000 Dorota

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