ok, who is this weirdo?

So...You caught me! I'm not really a frog...just a freak who really likes frogs...

My name is Dorota, and I even have a few froggies as pets.
Watch me Morph into a Frog!

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Why frogs?
I've been told that my name, Dorota, means "Muddy Rice Paddy" in Japanese. And ask anyone in Japan where you're most likely to come across frogs, and that's what they'll tell you! So I guess I was destined to like the critters!

It originally started with a little joke my great-aunt made when she gave me a necklace with a little frog on a lily pad pendant.
She said, "Before you find your prince, your gonna end up kissing a lot of frogs."
Well, that started it all. Being only 7 or 8, I didn't really get the joke. She thought this was funny in itself, and afterwards she started sending me a lot of things with frogs. Frog rings, stuffed animal frogs, chocolates with frogs on the silver wrapper...
Anyways, friends of mine started noticing that I had a lot of frog things laying around, and soon enough started giving me frog things themselves assuming I collect them.
Which is ok, since I like frogs anyway.
But if your looking for any sort of informative reason as to why I like frogs, there isn't one. And if you were actually expecting to see a rational explanation as to why anyone would like silly looking creatures with big buggy eyes as cute little pets, then you're even weirder than I am.

By the way, I finally did find my prince!

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