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  • How to get the Yahoo! Messenger Skin installed.
  • Ok...this assumes that you already have the Yahoo! Messenger installed.
    If you DONT, you need to go to Yahoo!'s website and get it installed before the skin files will do you any good.

    1. Download the zip file to somewhere on your computer where you know that it will be. (I personally have a folder called downloads that I use to put stuff in until I decide where I want to unzip it to.)
    2. Go to that folder and, using winzip, you will unzip the files into a folder named "frogland" in the Yahoo! Skins directory.
      (Next I'm gonna tell you how to do this.)
    3. Double click on the file:

      When you open the zip file using Winzip, you will see the window shown above.
      Click on the EXTRACT button.

      Now you will have to click around to find the Yahoo! Messenger skins directory.
      It is usually found under: C:\Program Files\Yahoo!\Messenger\skins
      Once you've found that directory, this is what you should see (remember, we're still using the Winzip application)

      OK...Now you want to create a folder where the new skin files will be stored.
      This folder is called a "Theme".
      I'm gonna call my Theme "frogland" so the folder I create will have the same name.
      To do this, click on the button New Folder.
      Now type in the name of the theme. (here's what mine looks like when I typed in "frogland".)

      Now, Click OK.
      You're back at that dialog that sais "extract" in the title.
      Click the button "Extract".
      OK...NOW you're done with this file. Your new skin files are properly installed!
      Click on the "X" in the upper right-hand corner to close your Winzip window.
      Next, we're gonna go turn on the froggy features in your messenger!

    4. Now go to your Yahoo! Messenger and open it if it isnt already open.

      (If you have an older version that doesnt look like this, click here)
      Click on the menu item "File".

      Then click on Preferences.
      If you're not in the "Appearance" section, click on it.
      Now you'll see a dialog that looks like this.

      See the place circled in red in this picture?
      That's where you pick your new theme.
      The name "frogland" will be in my dropdown list because that's what I named my theme!
      Now, you're done!

    5. In the area that says current Theme, scroll through them till you find the name of your new skin. Then click apply and okay. You should now have your new skin on your messenger.
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