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General Frog Information Books
Eyewitness Books
A Dorling Kindersley Book

"Totally-amazingly-rad book!" I hadn't realized that I should not be searching the nature and animal sections of bookstores, but rather the Children's sections, where I found ALL of the general frog info books listed here! What a gold-mine! This book has a plethora of fun frog facts and I found it really worth the money!
Frogs and Toads
by Steve Parker
A Sierra Club Book for children

Great artwork and descriptions. Lots of weird frog fact info here for all ages!
The Book of the Toad
A Natural and Magical History of Toad - Human Relations
by Robert M. Degraaf

Awesome historical look at the perception of Toads throughout history! I learned all kinds of neat stuff about toad myths and medicine! There's even a section dealing with famous artworks, from ancient Chinese sculptures, to eerie paintings of Bosch!
Amphibians of Washington and Oregon
The Trailside Series
by William P. Leonard,
Herbert A. Brown,
Lawrence L.C. Jones,
Kelly Rorc Allister, and
Robert M. Storm.
Seattle Audubon Society

If you live in the Northwest, this is a pretty good field guide for "frog watchers." It even has information on how to identify different kinds of tadpoles!

If you're looking for that perfectly froggish gift for a froggy fan you love, be sure to check out the Frog Photography and Books about Frogs for Kids sections as well, for other general information books about frogs.

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