Gray Tree Frog

Hyla versicolor

Light green to gray colored frogs which change colors to match the background. See Hide and Seek (Weird Frog Facts) for details and photo.
Medium sized frogs, these frogs have a polkadot under each eye and big toepads that help them climb.
These frogs are fairly common throughout parts oif the US. (see links below for specifics).
They often hang out in brushy, overgrown areas, so probably a half and half or terrarium tank would be best for pet care.
Read more information on this subject in the Housing Your Pet Frog section.
(see the Frog Doctor for details on illness prevention.)
These guys eat the usual insect diet. Crickets, moths, flies, etc. A vitamin supplement powder should be used at least once a week. (See my page on Dealing with Crickets for more info.)
You can usually tell the males from the females since they are the ones who sing "love songs" to attract females to their "pad". Males start singing, usually at night when air temperatures reach around 60 degrees. (April through July is breeding season) Their songs are like birds or buzzing trills.

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