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Stuff NOT to Ask Me:

  • PLEASE don't ask me to "send free stuff" in the mail since it's all up on the web site so you wouldn't have to ask me.

  • Don't ask me to expand this site to cover other animals. I have nothing against other animals, but that's not what Frogland is for! (And besides, I simply don't have the time) BUT, it sounds like a great idea for other people who are looking to create web pages! How about a Cat-Planet, Dog-Place, Salamander-Valley.... I'd love to see a Monkey-World! Pick an animal! The demand is certainly out there!

  • Frequently Asked Questions:
    Many people write in with questions which are already answered at Frogland. Please check to see if maybe you missed it!

  • For questions about me, why I did Frogland, or Frogland information in general (such as "when did you start this site?" or "why do you like frogs you crazy person?") please read the About Frogland page.

  • I am NOT a frog expert! I'm a dork with a funny homepage! I have put most frog/toad info that I find on my pages for public use. I really don't have the time to research individual questions. A lot of the questions asked, however, are often already answered within Frogland's pages. Please don't ask me to do your research papers or school reports for you - part of the project assignment involves learning how to find the information on your own, which hopefully, you can do someplace here! If you have any frog-related questions, be sure to first check this page: Some Common Questions, and of course, this page: Frequently Asked Questions About Pet Frogs because if it's not here, I probably don't know! Any questions submitted that are already on the Some Common Questions page will probably get ignored.

  • On Feb 19, 1997, Frogland started appearing in a Best Buy ad...I got such a huge response that I added a special section dealing with it.
    Look to this page for Frequently Asked Questions about the Best Buy Ad.
  • Disclaimer:


    Sorry that was long...but my mailbox tends to be pretty full as it is...and I get all sorts of mail that is already answered in the webpages better than I could do in an email response to individuals. you still really want to write me, eh?

    With that little rant out of the way,

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